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Blokk! the BOARD GAME


Blokk! is a fun and interactive board game for the whole family.

Blokk! is the ultimate puzzle game.

It is easy to learn, but hard to master.                 


How to play Blokk! 

In Blokk! you are the Architect and must build the perfect cube. Test your logic and problem-solving skills by using the game’s 360° rotating stand, and construct The Cube based on the stencil in play – this is a process known as The Build.
The game has 36 unique 3D coloured blocks where Architects can select only one block on their turn. Players must choose one out of three construct modes per game:

Free Blokk! – Architects choose a block of their choice on each turn
Dice Blokk! Architects roll a six-sided dice and play the color rolled per turn
Card Blokk! Architects draw from the deck and play the block on their card each turn These modes can be played either solo, or with friends and family in a co-op or versus game. 

A game is completed once the Architects have come as close to a perfect cube as possible based on the stencil in play.
The Architect with the least imperfections wins!

Blokk Board game competitive

Introducing Blokk! Off

Introducing Blokk! Off

Competitive block building family fun

The latest rules for the Blokk! board game versus mode, Blokk! Off have been developed. 

Architects battle it out with their opponents by constructing their own perfect 3x3x3 cube, using the games 36 unique blocks. To start a game, each Architect is given a players mat, they then draw 6 cards and choose their preferred 3.


Inside the deck are an additional 25 cards that have abilities, these are known as Tool Cards. These abilities can interfere with an opponents build, or improve your own. The game starts in a clockwise direction and players must draw 1 card on each turn, and discard one when played and must always have 3 cards face up in front of them.


A game of Blokk! Off is complete once each Architect has come as close to a perfect cube as possible. Players then compare points by calculating who has the least imperfections over 3 rounds wins.

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Blokk! Board Game designers

Carmen Chanel Frisholm
Melinda Bolton and Erwin Bosman

Game master and publisher: Kim-Erik Frisholm

Passionate and curious about board games and their mechanics, Blokk! was first created in January 2020. I am a gamer – I collect retro games as a hobby and enjoy spending my weekends jamming board games with my friends and family. I have had a love for board games my entire life!

My personal favorite game genres are strategy and puzzle games. I am a huge fan of games like Carcassonne, Tetris and Root. I enjoy challenging myself with this particular style of strategy game, simply because it also has a random factor that comes into play every turn.

In 2006, I created a board game club in my local town that uplifted the community and brought people from all ages together. New friendships were built, and people committed to spending their time at the club every week. That is what I love the most about boardgames, their ability to bring people together and spend quality time with the ones we love. This is one out of many factors of what inspired me to design and publish my very own board game.

Co-creator: Carmen Chanel Frisholm 
I’ve been a gamer all life. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love the classics like Cluedo, Monopoly and Uno. There’s something magical about the bond you share with those you play a board game with.
About 6 years ago, I married Kim-Erik and moved to Norway. We started working on Blokk! mid-May 2020 when the pandemic first hit European shores.
All the free time we gained in quarantine gave us the inspiration to use our creativity and make something great together! Our family and friends have given us so much support and confidence to pursue first board game project ever!
Designer: Erwin Bosman
I am a South African born graphic designer and a lover of strategy games, whether it be billiard, chess or PC.  These types of games are always fun because every move you make must be calculated and no game is ever the same. Working on Blokk! has been amazing and it has taken my love for board games to the next level!

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